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Train your organization

We provide training sessions tailored and personalized to your needs.

  • On your site or remotely

  • Presentation or workshop

  • With or without your agency

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Examples of Training Modules

  1. Introduction to media basics: Which medium is the most effective?

  2. Measuring the impact of your advertising campaigns.

  3. Accelerating eCommerce. Do you have all success drivers in place?

  4. Agency Management

    • How to brief an agency ?

    • How to design integrated communication with multiple agencies?

    • The benefits of an agency network: Pros and Cons

    • How to pitch a media agency?

  5. Digital ad verification demystified: Viewability, safety and validity principles

  6. Introduction to Programmatic and its supply chain

  7. Data and CRM at scale

    • Best practice principles

    • Email Marketing Guide for beginners

  8. Best tips to assess your creative proposal

  9. Winning in Digital Marketing – What does it take?

  10. Tracking competitive share of voice. Good or bad idea?

  11. Making OOH effective

  12. Best practices from Media vendors

    • Creative excellence with Instagram & Facebook

    • Facebook Brilliant Basics

    • Viewability in Social Media

    • YouTube: How to plan, buy and measure

    • YouTube Creative Lab

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