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Personalized advisor for SME's

A board advisor for entrepreneurs

You are an entrepreneur and marketing is not your expertise. There is a myriad of agencies out there and it is difficult for you to select the right partner to manage your advertising efforts: website, social media, advertising, eCommerce, CX, display and video advertising, PPC, SEO... Let me help you. I have been leading for more than 30 years multifunctional teams from agencies such as Omnicom, Publicis, WPP, Dentsu or IPG. I propose you a monthly coaching thru regular sessions where we will review progress and opportunities. Benefit from a solid experience in larger companies known for their professionalism in Marketing. Many principles apply to your business.

Trial offer: 1 free month of mentoring

USD 49/ hour is the price requested by our partner: a full-service AI-powered Digital Marketing agency. If you contract support with our partner, we offer 1 free month of consultancy support to help you establishing the right basis. Alternatively, you can have a preliminary assessment for AED 1'000. Just book it in the link below.

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