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Board advisor

Is advertising an important investment in your Company?


I’m a Media & Digital Marketing professional. I worked about 35 years for blue chip companies (P&G/ Coty/ Carlsberg) where I led $MM advertising budgets across many categories, Brands and countries. Main objective of this role was to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising investments thru better strategies, integration and operations. In those positions, I led multifunctional teams and agencies from big networks.


I propose you to work at a high-level to proactively identify the company’s opportunities or problems before they occur and then strategize with the CEO or other C-suite executives to develop the right roadmaps for achieving success in Media, Advertising and Digital Marketing topics.

My Added Value

  • Optimization of effectiveness and efficiency in your Media & Digital Marketing investments

  • Integration of Media and eCommerce efforts

  • Organizational excellence and leverage of scale

  • Data hygiene and governance

  • Advertising quality improvement – for instance in regard to viewability, safety and traffic validity

  • Adoption of latest innovations in Media & Digital Marketing

  • Consolidation and integration of ad tech platforms

  • Assessment of progress thru the right KPI’s tracking

  • Agency relationship and contract optimization

  • Digital Marketing transformation & integration

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