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Media & Marketing Operations

Integrated Communication
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Making your ad spend work harder

We help Companies, Boards, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to maximize the effectiveness of their ad spend thru better strategies, integration and operations.

  • Executive advisor for Boards, entrepreneurs and SME's

  • Interim executive support in Marketing Operations

  • Management of Media and Digital Marketing agencies

Let us help you answering these 15 questions:

1. Media Agencies

2. Media strategies

3. Media Budget

4. Measurement

5. Ad verification

6. Integration

7. eCommerce & Retail

8. Data

9. Media costs

10. Fit-for-use Creatives

11. Automation

12. Content

13. Context

14. Attention

15. Organization

Do you receive the maximum value out of your media agencies and external partners?

Are your media strategies decisive, with clear priority-setting, inspired by insightful briefs?

Do you maintain sufficient media budget for sustainable growth now and later?

Do you measure success & are technology platforms fully integrated for a reliable tracking?

Is your advertising being seen, is it being seen by humans (not bots), in safe content?

Are all marketing efforts integrated across owned, earned, shared, and paid media?

Are your eCommerce, retail media and overall media efforts built synergistically for higher returns?

Do you build data at scale for an insightful and profitable segmentation of your messages?

Do you plan for media costs inflation with your media agency?

Is your team up-to-speed about best creative approaches in display, video and social media?

Do you leverage automation at best for targeting, creative development and tracking?

Do you have any content strategy, building consistently your Brand equity, in synergy with SEM?

Did you rethink ads and contextual targeting in a cookie-less world?

Do you get attention and recall from your consumers in your social connections?

Is your Marketing organization designed and rewarded for success, integration, and innovation?

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